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1110 Vienna, Otto-Herschmanngasse 4/4/29, Austria


November 08:

We added some new choices for voucher ordering

7.11 - 22.11

From 7.11 to 22.11 we have restricted access to our phone. The best way to reach us in this period is per by e-mail. We ask for your understanding.


Due to the funeral of the former viennese mayor Zilk  the roundtrips will not start from Stephansplatz on 8.11. Also some streets and places are closed. We hope for your understanding.


October 08:

Its not longer possible to make a tram round trip arround the viennese ringstrasse because of changed routes of  the tram lines 1 and 2. The only way to have a relaxing view at the the magnificent buildings of the Vienna ring road is now to take a fiaker round trip.


July 08:

The european football championships in vienna are over. That means we can offer our services on our regular routes.


June 08:

Due to the european football champinoships public viewing areas we have to use changed  routes for our round trips. We are sorry for this!


April 08

Our office has moved. Here you can find the new address







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