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  XRumerTest from  from Austria wrote at 23. Dec 17, 21:36
Hello. And Bye. 

  XRumerTest from  from Austria wrote at 23. Dec 17, 21:36
Hello. And Bye. 

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  XRumerTest from  from Austria wrote at 23. Dec 17, 06:26
Hello. And Bye. 

  XRumerTest from  from Austria wrote at 23. Dec 17, 06:26
Hello. And Bye. 

  alkogolrussia from  from Russia wrote at 21. Dec 17, 14:34
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  RaymondJar from  from Cameroon wrote at 20. Dec 17, 23:22
RaymondJar RaymondJar 

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  15.sallow.co from ??? wrote at 20. Dec 17, 02:02
Next millennium. Too many cases and almost no resolutions. 

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  4w.sallow.co from ??? wrote at 15. Dec 17, 09:06
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  2r.sallow.co from ??? wrote at 14. Dec 17, 16:52
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  page 5 from ??? wrote at 14. Dec 17, 12:03
Hi Minki, it sounds like you are doing lots of good things to look after your health. It is important to talk to your doctor about the weight loss though as this may be caused by something else. Without knowing your usually weight and height it is difficult to know how significant the change is. However, 20 kg sounds like a lot, especially as most people tend to put on a little weight during the first six months on treatment. 

  page 1 from ??? wrote at 14. Dec 17, 11:51
sorry but that letter just sounds like it's full of excuses. It's a good thing that someone finally gets our emotions stirred because there is truth in it. As the cliche saying goes, you have to be cruel to be kind. Hopefully everyone sees the light in the midst of all this negative publicity for our Government. 

  b3.blower.asia from ??? wrote at 13. Dec 17, 05:49
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